How To Turn Off Windows 7 Auto Updates?


If you are running paid Windows 7 version for free(It’s Ok to use it for personal.Don’t worry),Windows 7 updates can lead you back to the trial version once Windows 7 is updated.So before you use any product key,Don’t forget to turn off Windows 7 updates.

I’m gonna guide you how you can turn off windows 7 updates with all the steps and screenshot needed.

Follow these steps

Step 1.

Go to start menu and click on control panel.

Step 2.

A new window opens.This is your control panel.Now click on Windows Update tab.

Step 3.

Next click on change setting from left sidebar as in screenshot.

Step 4.

Under “important Updates” from drop down menu choose “Never check for updates” And click on in bottom to save.

Now you can use product key to activate your copy of Windows 7.


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